The Do’s and Don’ts to Remember When Wearing Retainers – Discovery Bay, CA

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Undergoing an orthodontic treatment with braces or aligners is one thing, and getting retainers is another. Patients should understand that after a particular tooth straightening procedure, wearing a follow-up appliance is highly recommended. Sadly, it is still possible for the teeth to move even after wearing braces that is why getting the post-orthodontic treatment is essential.

Retainers are custom-made for every patient that can either be a removable to a fixed device depending on their preferences. Aside from maintaining the new position of the teeth after braces or clear aligners, it can also be used to correct minor misalignment issues. Like any other dental appliance, proper care and maintenance should be observed to keep the retainers in perfect condition. Here are some do’s and don’ts we at Comfort Dental Care prepared.


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Retainer: Do’s

  • Follow the instructions provided by the dentist. For example, the duration of daily wear. It should be worn as advised to make sure that no movements will compromise the outcome of the initial orthodontic treatment.
  • Retainers should be taken out during meals to avoid damage or stains.
  • Cleaning the teeth after every meal, especially before wearing the retainers back on is a must.
  • Thoroughly rinse the device every day to get rid of substances that have accumulated on its surface. It should also be observed before storing the retainers.
  • Keep the appliance clean by brushing it with a toothbrush after waking up in the morning and before bedtime.
  • Make sure to bring the appliance during routine visits for a checkup. Replacements may be necessary after some time.
  • Use cleaning products as advised by the dentist to avoid any damage on the retainers.


Retainer: Don’ts

  • Use a tissue when storing the device.
  • Leave it out to dry for hours.
  • Putting it in a dishwasher for cleaning.
  • Using hot or boiling water for rinsing.
  • Spend a night or two without wearing the orthodontic device.
  • Playing with it inside the mouth using the tongue.
  • Eating sticky treats like taffy, caramel, gummy worms, and more.

Following the do’s listed above will keep the retainers in top shape; however, failing to observe the don’ts can cause the teeth to move out of position once again. Make sure to follow the mentioned tips for an excellent overall orthodontic experience!


To get the most out of your orthodontic experience, make sure to get Retainers in Discovery Bay, CA as prescribed! Doing so will give you the confidence that your teeth’s position will be retained.